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Active Youth Do Better In School

Active Youth Do Better In School

December 30, 2022
Article by: USA Ninja Challenge

Over the past few decades, multiple universities and health organizations have studied the benefits of daily physical activity for children.  Everyone seems to be now talking about this as we have seen schools cut physical education programs and the seemingly related drop in academic scores among children have sparked attention.

This is a serious issue and it needs to be addressed.

As one study posted by The Washington Post back in 2013 suggested that the reports are in and the evidence is clear that children do much better in school emotionally and academically when they participate in daily play and sports.

“This is a very consistent finding, that physically fit kids do better in school,” says James Sallis, a professor of family and preventive medicine at the University of California at San Diego, who has long worked on preventing childhood obesity.” - The Washington Post

The CDC has even weighed in and created a host of positive ways to address the connection between healthy physical activity and scholastic performance.

“Regular physical activity in childhood and adolescence is important for promoting lifelong health and well-being and preventing various health conditions.” - National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Another great study from the American College of Sports Medicine posted via said this,

“Researchers found that being enrolled in PE (moderate activity for 30 minutes, 5 days per week) did not influence the children's grades. The government's Healthy People 2010 guidelines recommend vigorous activity for 20 minutes, at least 3 days per week. This study showed that the more active children were, such as participating in a sport or other vigorous activity, the better they did in school.”

Of course, every good parent wants their children to thrive, reach their potential in school, and be physically healthy, yet today there are so many distractions that take a child's attention away from active play both indoors and outdoors.

Cell phones are in the hands of kids as early as 7 years old, some even younger!  Games are great and game consoles are in most living rooms as well, providing a host of distractions that take up hours of time.  

USA Ninja Challenge is not only aware of this problem but has taken the challenge to overcome this social obstacle head on by creating a progressive physical training program for kids.  Parents can enroll their children, both boys and girls, as young as 4 years old in the sport of Ninja!  Each week they can engage in obstacle course training that focuses on building strength and coordination which will protect joints and prevent injury.  

In our gyms all over the United States, we have heard from parents who have seen tremendous positive changes in their own children, both in family dynamics and in school!  Don’t take our word for it, one article from published by Reuters quoted:

“A substantial amount of evidence shows that physical activity improves kids’ attention and behavior in the classroom and reduces classroom disruptions.  Kids have an internal drive to be physically active, and inhibiting their need to be physically active during school can lead to behavioral problems.” - Ivan Cavero Redondo of Universidad de Castilla-La Mancha

USA Ninja Challenge is in business to partner with parents with the goal of giving kids a fun and exciting way to excel physically, build confidence, and strengthen mental fortitude.